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About Strada Healthcare

Dr. Joel Bessmer founded Strada Healthcare in Omaha, Nebraska in 2016. His mission was to create a better primary care model that saved patients money and was more efficient for physicians. Over the years, Strada has grown into one of the region’s largest direct primary care networks with more than 50 providers across nine states. Strada now offers employers direct primary care, onsite clinics, near-site clinics, virtual-only care, behavioral health, and more.

Strada's Unique Healthcare Model

Direct Primary Care

Strada Healthcare’s direct primary care memberships allow your employees to benefit from anytime access to their primary care providers. With no copays or barriers to care, employees are encouraged to contact their providers for any acute needs or questions. This untethered access not only eliminates expensive ER or urgent care visits, but it also creates a culture of employees who are proactively engaged in their health. LEARN MORE

Onsite & Nearsite Clinics

With Strada Healthcare, your employees get convenient access to the care they need, instead of spending valuable time away from work waiting for an appointment or deciphering the bills that come afterward. And we work with you to determine the type of care that’s right for your employees and business model, whether that means on-site or near-site services.

100% Virtual Care

With Strada Healthcare’s Virtual-Only Care Plan, your employees can conveniently talk to a doctor via phone or video within minutes. This fast and easy experience saves time and money. As an employer, you’ll benefit from reduced absenteeismcost savings and increased productivity, while your employees will enjoy immediate access to care. LEARN MORE

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