Work Injury Treatment Omaha

CompChoice specializes in services which are designed to help you control Worker’s Compensation costs. The foundation of the program consists of Dr. Dean Wampler and Occupational Health services which range from pre-placement testing to post-injury evaluation. Dr. Wampler is Board Certified in Occupational medicine and brings years of experience in this specialty.


CompChoice Mission Statement

The goal of CompChoice is to provide timely, cost effective and high quality medical care for our patients, while maintaining an appreciation of the business needs of their employers.


CompChoice Occupational Medicine Perspective

When evaluating your injured employees, the Doctor-Patient relationship is focused on treatment of a specific problem. The needs of the employer must be part of the medical resolution. We maintain an excellent concept for separating non-medical issues from injury problems. Clear communication with interested parties is part of the treatment.



  1. A Complete Understanding of Workers’ Compensation
    – Reduces your workers’ compensation costs
  2. Better Management of Injured Employees
    – Reduces lost time days
  3. Employee Expectations for Recovery are Very Clear
    – Reduces litigation
  4. Fast, Effective Communication from Your Medical Provider
    – Faster return to work