Occupational Evaluations Omaha

Independent Medical Evaluation / Second Opinion Evaluation

The Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) is a thorough, impartial assessment of the medical condition of a patient. An IME may be required by a variety of professionals including claims adjusters, case managers, and employers.

Dr. Dean Wampler received certification through the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners. Certification through this board assures that the physician possesses the necessary medical skills and training in physical, behavioral, psychological and occupational assessment. Dr. Wampler provides a thorough objective written analysis regarding diagnosis, causation, prognosis, maximum medical improvement, impairment, work capacity and appropriateness of care.

This training and experience also allows Dr. Wampler to perform Second Opinion Evaluations. These are generally requested on challenging cases. The difference between an IME and a Second Opinion Evaluation for the provider, as defined by the workers compensation court, is that after an IME there is no opportunity for additional treatment. A Second Opinion Evaluation may offer the opportunity for the doctor to move forward with treatment.