Drug Testing Omaha

Safety Concerns are the primary motivation for company drug and/or alcohol testing, not only for the company’s employees, but also for customers, vendors, and service providers. An effective drug/alcohol testing program will assist your company in maintaining a safe and healthy workforce.



• Increases your employees’ productivity
• Reduces your workers’ compensation costs
• Reduces accidents and safety risks to employees
• Reduces your employee turnover and absenteeism


The Following Options Are Available

  1. Pre-Employment – to deter drug abuse among employees
  2. Random – effective deterrent of illicit drug use after hire
  3. Post Accident – If an employee is under the influence of an illegal drug or of alcohol at the time of the injury, workers’ compensation may be reduced. Screening can also maintain your company’s safety record
  4. For Cause – This is an effective deterrent for the employees who attempt to work under the influence of illicit drugs and/or alcohol. Safety and accident prevention are the major benefits of testing for cause.
  5. Department of Transportation (DOT) – according to Federal Regulations.


CompChoice uses a NIDA certified lab. Strict procedures are followed for collection and chain of custody. Rapid turnaround time and minimal waiting period in our office help maintain cost effectiveness for you. Strict confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Breath Alcohol Testing is performed by certified technicians who have been trained in proficiency in the operation and calibration of the Evidential Breath Test (EBT) or non evidential alcohol screening devices being operated.


* All staff using the EBT are required to follow the quality assurance procedures of the manufacturer and DOT regulations, 49 CFR Part 40.