Work Related Injury Treatment Omaha

Why does your business need an occupational medical physician?

Occupational Medicine is that specialty devoted to a person’s health as their work environment affects it. At CompChoice we give top quality and cost effective medical care to employees while maintaining an understanding for the business needs of the employer. We also perform consultations for employability, ADA, injury causation, toxic exposure issues, regulatory examinations, personal protective equipment and primary injury prevention. This talent for balancing one duty with another responsibility sets us apart in the medical community.

Most doctors have been rightfully trained to aggressively protect the doctor/patient relationship. It’s often difficult for them to change their approach to confidentiality when one of their patients presents for a workers compensation injury. Promoting communication between medical providers and the employer is undoubtedly the most effective way Occupational Medicine physicians can help injured workers successfully transition back to productive work.

Keeping a person at work during recovery benefits the employee by providing a familiar rehab environment, a normal paycheck, and preventing unnecessary complications such as disability syndrome. The employer benefits by retaining a valued employee, maintaining production demands and lower indemnity costs.

The patient who doesn’t recover as expected is a challenge to the doctor as well as the employer. When an employee remains disabled beyond usual medical expectations the relationship with their employer is strained and creates another barrier for return to work. Many personal physicians are not equipped to understand the subtle non-medical causes of delayed recovery. Occupational Medicine doctors recognize warning signs of extended disability early and know how to prevent them from interfering with return to work.

The Occupational Medicine physicians at CompChoice are specially trained to evaluate cause and affect relationships between work tasks or exposures and injury or illness.

Lastly the Occupational Medicine doctor knows that the best way to understand an employer’s needs is to see how that business functions. When we start to work with a new employer/client the providers at CompChoice expect to visit the workplace and gain an appreciation of the business and its employees. By understanding specific work tasks and opportunities for light duty we gain credibility with injured employees and are better equipped to help them recover through progressive resumption of work duties.